Your culture is your only true competitive advantage

As Peter Drucker famously said “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” And in a world in flux, where long term strategic planning is becoming less viable, corporate culture is increasingly recognized as the key… Continue reading

Global needn’t be the enemy of great

A presentation I wrote for the Spikes Festival of Creativity about how global advertising doesn’t have to suck.

The aptitudes and attitudes of great strategists

I was asked a couple of years back what makes a good planner for a PSFK video series and wrote a this piece. Hiring recently, I revisited my hiring criteria (so that I could… Continue reading

I had a brand innovation idea

I had an idea. Take the unhealthiest (and unhappiest) experience known to man (flying domestically in the US) and pair it with the healthiest thing you can do (a Blueprint juice cleanse). We… Continue reading

Coke spends Super Bowl chasing its own tail

This is the unabridged version of a piece I wrote for PSFK… The creator of some of the most memorable Super Bowl advertising forgets about storytelling in pursuit of ‘participation’ The sobering truth… Continue reading

Agile Advertising

If realtime advertising is something that has been algorithm-driven and automated up until now, the Super Bowl showed the power of good old human brains and hands working quickly to create timely, resonant and… Continue reading

Christmas Cards for Researchers

It’s the same every Christmas: looking on enviously as producers and creatives get amazingly extravagant gifts. Sadly, the kind of people that send planners gifts tend to be less imaginative and less generous.… Continue reading

New ways of working

We in planning at CHI (I guess in common with everyone else) have spent a lot of time over the last few years thinking about the sorts creative we hope to produce and… Continue reading

The wonderfully messy reality of consumer decision-making

As the internet reinvents our purchase patterns, much has been written about the changing customer journey. Publishing their Customer Decision Journey model, McKinsey warns marketers that “consumers are moving outside the purchasing funnel—changing… Continue reading

Brands are people too. But too often they’re douches.

Earlier this year, Mitt Romney (to jeers from the assembled audience) asserted that corporations are people. Of course, in a literal sense he is right – corporations are populated by people who interact… Continue reading